The number of famous actors without specific drama or acting training is higher than you think. You often need prior education for specialized professions, otherwise, you will not be allowed to do it. Bakers attend bakery school, plumbers go to school, and most companies don’t even qualify you for a job if you don’t have any prior education.

Acting seems to be the exception to this. Some of the greatest movie stars have little or no acting training. In this article, you will find some actors and actresses who became famous and didn’t go to acting school.

List of Actors

The first actress on the list is Jennifer Lawrence. She is one of the most in-demand actresses at the moment. You would think she must have gone to acting school and have a ton of experience. But that is not too entirely true. J-Law was discovered by a talent scout when she was 12, worked as a model, and got her first role in 2006. Her big break came in 2010’s ‘Winter’s Bone’.

The next one on the list is Matthew McConaughey. He is adored as much for his looks and his acting. But he also hardly had any previous education. After school, he did commercials and worked his way up from there. A coincidental meeting with a producer resulted in his first role in the movie ‘Dazed and Confused’.

Another famous actress that did not go to acting school is Charlize Theron. The South African moved to Hollywood at the age of 18 and was discovered by a talent scout after an argument with a bank teller. A few months later she got her first role and the rest is history.

The actor that closes the list is Channing Tatum. He initially wanted to become an American football player. But when he was picked off the street for a modeling job, he changed his mind. He played in several video clips and got his first role in ‘CSI: Miami’. Contact us for more information about our acting classes.