Becoming a highly paid actor is not easy, and there are many TV and movie stars today who can confirm that. Many of them worked ordinary jobs before they were discovered and landed big roles.

1. Steve Buscemi. Before he became a movie star with roles in Ghost World, Mystery Train, Living In Oblivion, and many others, Steve was a firefighter, believe it or not. This goes a lot to prove that if you have a dream, you can make it true.

2. Christopher Walken. The star of Catch Me If You Can, Walken’s pre-fame job was incredible. He worked in a circus taming lions. He was just a teenager at the time too so his choice of job is quite peculiar but we guess when you need a job, anything can do.

3. Danny DeVito. We know Danny from movies like Matilda as well as numerous other roles where we made us laugh so hard. However, this charismatic and talented actor once worked as a hairdresser! DeVito worked at his sister’s beauty parlor.

4. Margot Robbie. The Australian actress who made a name for herself in movies such as Birds of Prey and Suicide Squad used to have a very ordinary job before fame. She used to make sandwiches at Subway. She even said she was quite skillful at making them!

5. Terry Crews. Before he appeared in Idiocracy and The Expendables, Terry Crews used to work as a courtroom sketch artist. He later transitioned to acting and became a big name in the industry. Terry found a way to put his artistic skills to use even before he became a famous actor.

6. Nicole Kidman. Even the great Nicole Kidman, star of the movie Eyes Wide Shot and Moulin Rouge! has worked an ordinary job. She was a massage therapist! Nicole took the course to help out her mom initially, but she liked massage therapy so she started offering her services.