The acting classes offered by The Playground are the finest for exploring students’ interests. In addition to year-round seminars and summer day camps, we offer a script writing workshop to children and adolescents.

The Playground provides performance programs for young children so that they can experience the arts for the first time. Children and adults who are interested in acting or other forms of performing arts can find a variety of opportunities in Los Angeles. With years of experience, The Playground is able to provide classes for children and adults throughout the entire year.

Los Angeles children can participate in a variety of activities at our summer programs. From acting camps to theater camps, The Playground provides theater options that can increase interest and even lead to hands-on performing arts programs. At our acting studio, we provide children with a well-rounded education through week-long theater programs.

In addition to offering seminars and classes, our camp also provides visual storytelling and creative mediums that encourage children to act within their own community. Children from throughout Los Angeles have had the opportunity to develop a passion for musical theater through our Class Act program for many years. Your child will be able to enter the world of performing arts with simplicity thanks to the variety of available courses.

Film School and Acting Classes For All Ages

The Playground provides acting classes for children of all ages, in addition to musical theatre programs and camera acting training. In our classes, our successful working actors are prepared to instruct children on television acting techniques. We also teach performance courses and group vocal classes.

Our acting theatre performance class is designed to help young actors improve their skills and acquire self-assurance. Our studio also provides an acting coach with a carefully crafted curriculum for those who need a little extra assistance. The Playground in Los Angeles can assist your child in taking the next step in television and film.

Our acting classes for children teach children the skills necessary to become successful young working actors. We offer an assortment of acting classes that can help your child become a prominent or recurring actor in film or television. Our knowledgeable instructors also offer advice on how to surmount public speaking, as well as useful philosophies that will transform the audition process.

Classes in sketch, improv, and film school provide a venue for children to investigate their desires. Share the participants’ final creations with family and friends during a showcase event. Classes, camps, and summer programs for children in Los Angeles incorporate educational activities with recreational ones.

Improv classes can range from beginner to advanced and can be held in school or camp environments. Creativity development is impossible without improvisational instruments. It is essential to provide children with learning opportunities so they can develop into successful individuals. Contact us now to get started.