Get your child a Netflix audition without an agent, as well as specific, tangible measures you may take to get admission to those screenings as soon as possible. Netflix is quite receptive to new names and faces.

One of Netflix’s best qualities is their openness to collaborate with newcomers. As a result, most Netflix production firms are more willing to cast performers with minimal qualifications and training.

Netflix does not hold internal auditions. They utilize other production companies to cast and shoot their series, so you won’t be able to contact Netflix personally with concerns about where to locate auditions. If you have questions regarding how to get into their shows, don’t write or ring them; they won’t be able to assist you.

As an actor, Netflix is a fantastic workplace. Because practically all Netflix productions are handled through SAG-AFTRA, most performers who book employment on Netflix series are paid handsomely and treated respectfully. This implies you should aim to get involved in some of their productions, as Netflix is an excellent place to start building your reputation.

Without an agent, audition for Netflix

The most difficult problem is determining where to look for auditions. Because Netflix’s breakdowns are concealed on a dedicated website Breakdown Services, Ltc., which really is exclusively available to authorized agents and managers, most websites do not openly post Netflix casting calls.

Use Casting Websites Online

Casting calls for Netflix series are commonly posted on sites like Actor’s Access and Backstage, and while they’re often for less popular shows, it really shouldn’t matter too much if you’re currently establishing your résumé and reel. You can also obtain background work on Netflix episodes via services like 4 Star Casting or Central Casting, and then make friends on set. Later on, you can exploit those friendships to secure speaking part offers.

At Events, Make Connections

You can also meet people by attending industry events, exhibits, demonstrations, industry expos, and other industry events. Find out if they work on Netflix shows or if they know someone who does, such as casting directors, writers, or producers. Always keep a list of people you’d like to meet handy (such as the main casting directors from Netflix found at the bottom of this article). You can then ask folks whether they know someone on your list while you speak with them.

Get Early Access to Netflix Auditions

When full-time working actors are in between agents, they often use this advanced method to generate continuous auditions. You’ll need to cold-email casting managers (or meet them through workshops and social media) and maintain contact for a few weeks by delivering more value. These casting directors may feel forced to invite you to audition for their next blockbuster Netflix project since you’ve contributed so much to them without expecting anything in return. Because the casting director already knows you, you will have an advantage over the other actors auditioning.


For auditions, many Netflix casting agents require readers. You can volunteer to read for gratis, which is a terrific way to learn about the casting process and make a positive impact on the casting supervisor. You can also meet individuals by volunteering for other activities, such as aiding at Netflix film festivals, supporting up-and-coming Netflix filmmakers on set, and so on.

Update Your Resume’s Special Skills

Did you know that many casting directors look for performers with specific skills on Actor’s Access? If you can play an instrument, do an impression, or dance, make sure your skills are highlighted since Netflix may call you in for an audition based on a search query of your specific abilities.

Make Phone Calls and Register With Local Directories

If you live in a smaller city, getting into a casting director’s database of performers they contact directly for tryouts is actually not that tough. When filming on-location in small towns, Netflix occasionally uses small, independent casting offices, thus getting to know your neighborhood casting offices can sometimes lead to a significant opportunity. Simply Google your nearest recruiting offices and give them your photo, Work experience, and just few clips that demonstrate your acting abilities.

Sign With an Agency or Company and Ask For a Direct Submission

We have to mention it because hiring a registered talent agent is among the quickest methods to begin receiving consistent Netflix auditions. Of course, finding an agency is harder than it sounds, so if you need assistance, please contact us. You might also want to discover the difference between an agency and a manger so you know which to pursue depending on your stage of profession.

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