Learn These Acting Techniques 

Acting classes often use popular methods to teach acting techniques. We will discuss a few of the most famous ones here.

Michael Chekhov

Chekhov is recognized to have created the “psycho-physical” technique which gives emphasis on the connection of mind and body, all with the physical actions to showcase a sensual character.

Stanislavski’s System

Stanislavski’s system is one of the most widely taught techniques. It teaches about self-analysis and emotional memory recall.

Stella Adler

Adler’s method uses the foundation of Stanislavski but gives emphasis to imagination rather than emotional recall.

Uta Hagen

Hagen is all for realism. The students are taught how to use their personal experiences in association with the character which helps in establishing a strong connection.

Lee Strasberg’s Method

The actors using this method establish good connections with their characters by mimicking the experiences of the character in their personal life which helps them understand their character’s emotions better.

Viola Spolin

“Theatre Games” by Spolin encourages the students to be immediately responsive. This method focuses on improvisation.

Meisner Technique

Meisner is famous for his “repetition” exercise. This technique teaches the students to be honest in their characters.

Practical Aesthetics

This is a method developed by playwright David Mamet and actor William H. Macy. This approach talks about the pursuit of an action over everything else. The attention of the actors is directed to script work, text-analysis, and a good understanding of the scene.

You will probably learn one or more of the above-mentioned techniques if you are attending or planning to attend acting classes. There is no one correct method. Choose the one which works best for you. If you feel it is not helping you do your best, try another method. It is all about the method’s in which you feel the most comfortable.

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