At least initially, the best place to find tryouts and casting calls for children is through an internet casting platform like The Playground. After securing representation, a child actor’s agent will have direct access to casting directors and will be able to submit them for larger roles with big channels and studios.

The Playground has been online for over two decades and is constantly updated with multitudes of vetted casting opportunities. These projects range in size from student shorts, mini series, and regional theater productions to bigger Hollywood features and Broadway productions. These roles are critical for young actors to develop skills and acting credits—and ultimately secure representation.

The Playground offers several subscription options, the most popular of which is the annual subscription. Once you’ve determined which one is the best fit for your child, here’s how to use The Playground to locate auditions and casting calls for young entertainers:

  • Create a child’s unique talent profile. You may include their film credits, abilities, training, as well as photographs, videos, and audio clips. After creating a profile for your child, casting directors, directors, and others can discover them through The Playground’s Talent Database.
  • Participate in casting calls. Using our customized search, it’s simple to identify possible roles for your child. Inform us about the age of your child, a location of preference, and the type of production you’re looking for and we can assist you.
  • Auditions should be scheduled. You can connect directly with casting agents and filmmakers after your child submits a submission with us. With our devoted concierge service, we can assist you in scheduling auditions, resolving questions, and booking the job.
  • Select the audition materials for your child. The Playground’s monologue database will quickly become a must-have for auditions. We can provide you with a variety of options for your child to begin working on immediately.
  • Conduct market research on agents and managers. Contact information for supervisors and agencies who represent children can be found on The Playground’s Call Sheet, available upon request.

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