Like all aspiring actors, your goal is to book as many auditions as possible. This might sound easier said than done but if you prepare well and showcase real talent, you will book an audition in no time.

All actors need at least one great headshot to book auditions. You can hire a professional photographer to take a few headshots. Consider this an investment in your (or your kid’s) acting career. There are photographers who specialize in taking headshots. Research some photographers and see their portfolio online before booking a session. Perhaps a fellow actor can recommend a good photographer too.

Casting Directors in Hollywood

Remember that casting directors haven’t met you and this headshot will represent you so it must be good, professional, and minimally edited.

Another thing you need to book an audition is a resume. You should print copies of your resume and attach them to your headshot every time you submit an application for an audition. Your resume should not be too long but should contain relevant acting projects you participated in such as shows, movies, commercials, etc.

This is where you briefly list what training you have as an actor, your experience, as well as any particular skills you might have (languages you speak, instruments you play, etc.).

These two things (headshot and resume) will determine whether you get a call for an audition or not. Of course, you do need to possess acting skills to land a role but it is equally important to know how to best present yourself, your skills, and what you can do. If you’ve attended acting classes, make sure to mention that.

It is also helpful to have a demo reel if possible to help you showcase your acting skills, your best roles, etc. But make sure it is short (a few minutes tops). Contact us for more information.