Drama Classes

Every acting class functions differently. What remains same is that every class imparts knowledge and makes sure the students have fun while learning. Some classes are arranged formally for theoretical learning with a separate spacing for acting performances. Other acting classes have informal table and chairs scattered around the room to encourage active discussions.

Most classes start off with warm-up exercises to make the students feel at ease. These exercises are designed to introduce the students to the various strategies and tools used for performances.

You can expect to come across group activities, scene study, and of course, acting! Group work teaches the students to work with different people, accept new ideas, and sometimes, leave out their ideas for the sake of other good ones. Playing games can act as an ice breaker or a stress buster.

The teachers tend to not come in between group activities, letting the students try out everything themselves. If anything needs correction and another peer has already spotted it and is letting the student know, this better as students respond better to their friends and peers than a figure of authority.

If you’re planning to join acting classes, keep in mind that acting is always group work. You cannot expect to work alone or refrain from interacting with your fellow members in the class. Some classes have an established routine which all the students follow. The reason for this is to help the students to get into the proper mindset. Kids, especially, will need this.

Some classes teach you about noteworthy producers, directors, actors, and their acting techniques. Some of the other classes pay more attention to the acting and the related elements. If a specific element is important to you, please do ask in advance before you enroll. Contact us for more information about our acting classes for kids.