Being part of a Hollywood movie set, even as an extra, is an amazing experience and a dream come true for many. You get to see your favorite actor or actress, and what’s more exciting than that?

Fortunately, becoming an extra is much easier than landing a role in one of those movies so you too have a chance. Extras do not make nearly as much as movie stars, but they still get paid for their contribution. This is good to know because you won’t be working for free. At least not if you have some experience.

If you’re interested in testing the waters and becoming an extra, you’re probably curious about how much they make per movie.

The Salary For Movie Extras Depend on Several Factors

The payment rate varies depending on the budget for the movie, the company that hired you, as well as on your experience. Some extras get paid up to $50 per hour while others can receive minimum wage rates. However, most extras are paid for a full day so that’s good news because even if you only worked for about 3-4 hours, you will receive an 8-hour compensation.

Some extras can get up to $180 per day, but that’s mostly for members of SAG-AFTRA. If you’re completely new to this, you might need to start working for free in a few low-budget films before you land a paid gig.

After all, even though not everyone can make a fortune by staring in movies, you can still make a living as an extra if you have steady work and make sure you have projects lined up. Just like with regular acting jobs, self-discipline and persistence pay off. Contact The Playground acting school now for more information. We have acting studios in Los Angeles County and Orange County. Call or message us now.