If you aspire to be an actor, you probably already know whether you want to be on TV or in movies. But there is a long road ahead and you could be missing out on other opportunities in the acting world. There are various types of acting jobs and numerous opportunities for career growth. We talk about that below.

Voice-over work. Voice-over roles require a compelling voice because this is the only acting you do in these types of gigs – voice acting. However, voice-over work is not just reserved for animated movies. You could apply for audio-books, podcasts, video games, etc.

Web series are among the acting jobs available and they can be lucrative too. Think of streaming services such as Netflix. Netflix has a reputation of being open to unfamiliar acting names so who knows, you just might get a shot. You do need an agent though because you can’t just submit your resume to their email and expect to get contacted.

Commercials. If you have a charming persona, a great smile, and decent acting skills, you could work in commercials. It’s not exactly “Hollywood” but it can pay your bills and open the door to other opportunities.

TV show host. It’s not uncommon for actors to work as TV show hosts, especially if they have charming and amusing personalities. From cooking shows to quiz shows, if you’re passionate about it and you have what it takes, you could become a TV host.

All in all, acting could take you on a very different road from what you initially expected, and there’s no rule that says you have to do only one type of acting. You can be a voice-over actor and appear in commercials and movies. Contact us now for more information. We have acting schools in Los Angeles and Orange County, California.