Any actor must be viewed as marketable, talented, and in demand by influential decision-makers in order to flourish in this fiercely competitive industry. Professional actors often have a strong submission package that include a demo reel, expert clips, head-shots, and internet profile links.

Utilizing the influence of the media can also increase your visibility and make you stand out among the thousands of other actors. Many actors are so preoccupied with their training, day jobs, and auditions that they fail to consider PR as part of their overall strategic career plan. If they do, they are rapidly made aware of the high cost of publicists. a costly one for the majority of actors. A fantastic approach to reach millions of people and maybe advertise new projects is through media venues like print, TV, and podcasts.

You may move from being unknown to a rising star in just a few seconds on air by using some clever pitching, media training, and tenacity. Reporters and hosts are constantly looking for a human angle that might enhance their show. Here are just a few strategies for getting free publicity.

Both Regional and National News

Consider becoming the protagonist of a news story that is currently trending. Write the program or segment producer an email outlining how you can improve this story. Producers of morning and weekend shows, as well as entertainment reporters, value well-thought-out pitches that include a strong subject line, a few sentences introducing the author and their work, and visual aids.

Actors should put together an electronic press kit, or EPK, if they want more opportunities to promote a forthcoming project. Always include a headshot, a brief biography, information about your project’s highlights, and information on how you might benefit the segment. Actors interested in these possibilities should get in touch with the producer or entertainment reporter for that program. Actors can sometimes get in touch with talent bookers at stations.

Bonus materials for a pitch may include pre-approved video clips or trailers for the upcoming production, pictures that complement the plot, and fictitious interviews with actors discussing their characters and how they relate to the plot. A compelling subject line, a few bullets listing actor highlights, and links to an IMDb page, website, or online profiles should always be included.


The next interview for a podcast host is always being sought after. Finding their audience and a podcaster who already speaks to them is a must for actors. podcasts with a strong emphasis on entertainment, acting, and other related topics. Actors need to get in touch with these hosts and introduce themselves as a reliable guest who can speak intelligently on a certain subject, give energy to the program, and have something of value to offer the audience.

A compelling subject line, a few sentences about the actor, bullet points highlighting the project’s highlights, links to their internet profiles, and any prior press or public appearances should all be included in email pitches. This demonstrates that the actor is at ease being interviewed and can have a friendly dialogue with the host.

Expert Guest Posts

Guest writing is yet another fantastic technique for performers to be noticed. Actors should conduct research about the audiences of the periodicals or digital channels they plan to use. Pick a perspective that appeals to the audience and adds something.

Actors should consider what they can discuss with fervor or what they can advise on to keep readers wanting more. Are you a social media guru, a fashion blogger, or a health expert in addition to being an actor? The ability to share one’s talents with the public offers actors an advantage over other actors that they might not otherwise have due to their varied interests, which make them well-rounded artists.

Actors will be more noticeable to important decision-makers and viewers the more credibility you have within the creative sector. Together with their talent, these rising numbers make actors a marketable product, which is a recipe for a fruitful career. Contact us to get started.