An acting agent is an essential part of any successful acting career. While you can get many auditions to act on your own, you need an agent to get auditions of a high caliber. Especially if you are in a large market such as New York or Los Angeles, an agent can open all types of doors for you.

There are plenty of acting agents out there, but only a few will be able to make you successful. First, start looking for casting agencies locally. The internet is a good place to start. Look for email addresses, phone numbers, and relevant information about the agencies, such as the type of actors they tend to represent. The websites of the agencies also feature what they are looking for in terms of new talent. These websites are updated monthly, so you know you will have the most recent information available.

Contact Casting Agencies

The next step is to contact the casting agencies of your liking. Compose an email or letter and highlight your ambitions, experiences as an actor and skills. It is important to emphasize your personality. Once you are satisfied with your letter or email, do not forget to attach some of your best head shots.

In case you have not received an answer within a workweek, you have a couple of options to ask for an update. The best, and the most direct, way is to call the casting agency and ask them whether they have received your application. You will know immediately the answer and often they can also tell you whether you are interesting enough for an application interview.

Make sure to prepare well for your application interview with the casting agency. In the end, they will provide you the acting agent that will help you start an acting career. It is therefore key that you know what you want, what your ambitions are, and what your plan is to achieve those ambitions. The acting agent is then able to work together with you to realize your acting dreams. Contact us for more information.