I’m not surprised that a topic like this comes up so frequently considering how difficult it may be to control personalities when performing. Different conflict types necessitate different responses. If you believe a connection on-set or on-stage is going out of control, I can suggest a few things you can do.

Say Something in Secret to The Actor

An amicable talk can sometimes put things back on track. Keep in mind to speak more in the “I” than the “you” to avoid appearing defensive or blaming others. For example, try saying “When you stated X, I felt X.” If at all possible, keep this communication secret.

You can also speak with your stage manager or assistant director. Sometimes conversing with your co-star is ineffective. At this point, you require an impartial ally to assist in problem-solving. Take your stage manager or assistant director aside and explain the situation. Request a mediation meeting and be ready to offer suggestions to assist resolve the conflict.

Share Your Worries With Other Performers

This is not the time for ranting or gossip. Ask your fellow performers for help and guidance, and check if they have encountered similar issues. Try to avoid mentioning the offensive actor on social media. Only divulge it in private if requested.

Speak with the director and/or producer right away if there is any evidence of racism or other forms of discrimination in the conflict. Most certainly, you’re not the only one who has noticed this behavior, and someone in a position of power will need to intervene to put a stop to it. Remain persistent; you must be heard.

You should communicate with others if the production crew dismisses your issues or acts indignantly because you raised them. Inform the union, the theater’s board, the executive producer, or the law enforcement.

While attempting the aforementioned measures, you are entirely within your rights to leave the production if you find yourself in an untenable poisonous environment. Just make sure you give the producers and the union plenty of notice. To leave the production, kindly apply appropriate procedures. You should not make your departure announcement on social media. Contact us to learn more.