There may come a time where you have to get intimate with a fellow actor/actress on set. Hearing the word intimacy evokes images of kissing, touching and other physical acts. At The Playground, you can learn to connect with your scene partners on an emotional and physical level while still respecting personal boundaries.

If you’re up for the part, here are some key points to remember.

  • Before accepting the role, have a conversation about how much intimacy is expected. This will create a safe place in the work environment. Research every inch of the script or play to help you decide how far you are willing to go. You can even offer a few suggestions.
  • Be prepared both mentally and physically. You can go through your guidelines with your scene partner and agree on what areas can be touched. Once you both agree, try to make yourself comfortable.
  • Have a discussion with your agent about your contract and the specifics within it. Your career is defined more by what you say no to. Don’t just accept any acting part that comes your way.
  • As an actor you want to be open, clear, and present but in no way vulnerable. Do not be pushed into a scene that you may later regret. Be vigilant and mindful. Do what feels right for you.
  • The emotional effect of an intimate scene can be awkward. Working on your emotions can add realizations to the story, which will then be put into physical actions. Allow yourself to develop within the scene and adapt as needed.

If you follow these guidelines, you will be able to approach intimate scenes with confidence. Contact us at The Playground and book your classes. We train young adults to develop the right skills for their roles, and help them put their skills into action. Contact us now to get started.