The Art of Improv: 5 Tips To Get You Started

Just because it doesn’t include a script, it doesn’t mean that improve acting is easy. This is an art that requires fast thinking, teamwork, research, and a lot of imagination. Even if this is not included in your acting class, the following tips will help you improve your acting skills so your performances become more natural.

Main Rules: Have Fun And Go With The Flow

A great improv performance requires teamwork. Every acting class addresses this issue because the play will only make an impact on the audience if the actors trust each other and pursue the same goals. The group should always support each other’s ideas so they can be on the same page and tell a coherent, attractive story.

Even if you aren’t really interested in the type of scene your partner just started, make an effort to follow them and add your characters or acting choices to the initial idea. There is nothing worse than a confusing improv performance.

Create Original Characters Based On Unusual Combinations

Most of the successful improv actors out there create original characters that have an unusual set of different elements such as personality, background, environment, and aspirations. For instance, think of the nun who auditioned for The Voice reality show in Italy. She is an unexpected candidate who went to the blind auditions to sing rock and roll and the result was memorable.

Check The News And Study General Culture

Sometimes during a live performance, your partners might come up with ideas associated with breaking news, current events or general culture. Make sure you regularly check the news and read general interest content so you are always ready to add valuable elements to improv performances or to your acting class.

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