Acting helps you gain control over your natural voice.¬†Being taken by surprise, speaking during an event, or resolving a problem at work causes our voices to sound strange. A significant portion of acting class consists of how to utilize the strength of your natural voice, which, by the way, does not have to be loud. Meryl Streep doesn’t have a large, booming voice.

However, early in her career, when she was performing eight plays per week, she discovered how to be understood without suffering from laryngitis. She discovered how to transform her perceived weakness into a benefit.

For decades, high-stakes trial attorneys have studied the discipline of acting. It is obvious why. The law is a play. As business people, we too encounter circumstances with high stakes. For instance, if you’ve got a concept for a TED Talk, you must learn acting. Acting will empower you with the skills required to make your narrative more memorable, even if you have excellent presentation skills. And, as you presumably know, the sole criterion for a good Ted Talk is “Make it your most memorable presentation ever.”

Do Not Be Afraid To Speak in Front of a Crowd

If you decide to pursue acting, you will need to leave your fears at the door. It’s a safe place. And, if you want a significant return on your effort and cash, you must let go of your inhibitions, listen attentively, and do whatever you’re instructed (some of your instructor’s instructions will be unclear, but you must follow them).

I guarantee you’ll experience awe-inspiring moments and find out things about you that will surprise and even astound you. The notion of Franklin Roosevelt that terror is the only thing to fear is pervasive. His statements continue to be cited due to his genuine delivery.

The ultimate irony of performing is that it teaches you how to look natural.

Finally, acting instructors are less astonished than ever when a businessperson joins in their class. If you truly want to transform your life, you should begin applying for roles in local theaters as soon as you finish your first or second class. You stand to gain everything and lose nothing. Contact us to learn more about our acting classes in Los Angeles.