Summer acting classes are designed to introduce young actors to the essential parts of the craft of acting for film. They teach them fundamental acting techniques and scene study as beginning points.

What Will You Learn?

There are various skills and techniques you will learn in a summer acting class. Some of these include:

  • Script analysis
  • Different acting techniques
  • Scene study
  • Dedication
  • Acting for film
  • Improvisation
  • Monologues
  • Film craft
  • Auditioning skills
  • Communication and leadership skills

Why Do People Take Summer Acting Classes?

Summer acting classes are a quick way to develop the practical tools, skills and essential techniques required to act for screens under the guidance of industry professionals. They also provide a productive way for actors to spend their summer since it allows them to develop their screen acting skills. Some people also do it as a foundation for moving on to other more intensive programs.

Why Choose The Playground for Summer Acting Classes?

Summer acting classes are especially diverse, attracting students from all over. At The Playground, we welcome students who thrive on collaborative work and who are willing to explore the acting craft. The Playground teaches students how to work well with others, build strong relationships with fellow students, achieve self-confidence and learn to think on their feet. The Playground’s acting classes are just the thing to help your child achieve a fulfilling life.

Having years of experience with young actors, Gary Spatz stresses positive reinforcement. This helps your child to be a role model, standing up for those who may need an advocate. He has crafted a unique program that is focused on preparing your child for the competitive world of acting. With a professional staff and specialized equipment, The Playground is the perfect place to launch your future career. Contact us for more information.