Difference Between Screen Acting & Theatre Acting 

Hello, future stars! So, today I am going to discuss the major differences between the theater acting and acting for the TV screen.

Theater actors use a lot of “big and exaggerating” movements, but the screen actors act more naturally. The major difference in theater acting is you perform live in front of an audience and you get only one chance to perform. If you mess up anything or if you forget any dialogue, you have to act normal and move on.

You don’t get the chance to correct mistakes on stage, no matter what happens the show must go on. On screen you can take a lot of shots and you can edit the mistakes later as well. You get the chance to correct your mistakes.

In theater, the audience can be 20 people to hundreds depending upon the size of the hall. For that, you need to exaggerate your emotion, the tone of your voice and everything else you do. Your whole body will be noticed by the audience and you’ll need to make sure the people sitting even in the last row will be able to understand what is happening on the play.

On screen, they can take your close ups so you don’t need to do any over acting. Your natural expression will be enough for people to understand what is happening.When a play gets famous, it is performed in different cities. People already know the story and the scripts are also available to read. So, the people want it to be exactly the same, they do not tolerate any mistakes or alterations.

The theater artists rehearse for hours daily and memorize each and everything. They work really hard because they have to perform everything at once. Whereas, the movies, dramas are new and no one knows the story before it is released. That’s why the movie/drama scripts can be edited or changed as required.

In theater, the whole story is presented at one time live in front of the people. For that, every scene, every emotion, all go in the flow and the performer gets a little bit of comfort while performing because they get only one role to handle.

The screen actors do not get the chance to be comfortable, in one scene they are getting mad out of anger but the next moment they are recorded laughing. Everything goes side by side and they have to make everything look natural. No matter whether it’s theater acting or screen, hard work is the key.

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