Types of Acting Jobs in Los Angeles

Acting is the general term used to refer to the craft of playing a fictional role. Under this ‘umbrella’ title, there is a wide variety of jobs and opportunities available for those who believe they have what it takes to pursue an acting career. Take a look at your options and choose which best matches your aspiration.

Film Acting – Also known as big-screen acting, film acting is one of the most popular types of acting. Encompassing fields such as major motion, student, independent, and short films, this arena is very competitive.

TV Acting – Based on a smaller budget scale, the opportunities available for persons pursuing careers in on-screen acting are very limited apart from web-series and online projects.

Theatre Acting – On-stage acting has been around much longer than screen acting. The need for actors in this field still exists but the opportunities and projects available are solely dependent on the choice of cities (i.e. New York or London).

Voice Over Acting – This field of acting provides a vast number of opportunities with jobs in motion films, theatre, and animation.

Commercial Acting – Opening doors for acting opportunities as well, commercial acting makes it necessary for actors to employ the improvisation skills learned. Actors who start in the commercial field may soon graduate to on-screen acting with small acting roles.

We stimulate and nurture their abilities through creative play and a carefully formulated curriculum. Students at The Playground have entered Hollywood through doorways in Disney and television sitcoms like Everybody Loves Raymond. We even have students who have performed on Broadway.

While a variety of acting jobs exists, our main focus is to prepare our young actors for on-camera television, film and commercial acting.