Are you a young adult? Do you want to be remembered for your superb acting skills? Then we have the right program for you! Acting classes for young adults focus on persons between the ages of 18 and 30. They introduce them to the essentials of acting such as scene study.

What Will You Learn?

When you pursue an adult acting class, these are some of the skills you will learn:

  • Script analysis
  • Different acting techniques
  • Scene study
  • Physical and vocal warm-ups
  • Acting for film
  • Improvisation
  • How to audition

Why Do People Take These Classes?

Many young adults have the desire to become an actor. They take classes like these geared towards them gaining the knowledge and skills that will set them apart from the crowd. These classes also help them develop important traits such as resilience, improved communication skills, and work ethics.

Why Choose The Playground for Acting Classes for Young Adults?

At the Playground, acting coaches teach the various skills that are necessary to become a great actor. From audition skills and preparation to how to be a good team player, our staff works assiduously to produce a well-rounded individual. Our students build strong relationships with their peers and also learn how to develop and maintain important contacts within the industry. The Playground’s acting classes are the perfect place to kick off your career.

All of our coaches have attended college to study their trade – acting. They all have a desire for teaching as well, which is a trait that benefits all of our students. The director of The Playground Gary Spatz has over twenty-five years of industry experience and continues to work with the biggest entertainment companies in Hollywood. At The Playground we can guarantee that you will be completely immersed in the craft of acting, allowing you to become a well-prepared candidate. Contact us for more information.