Improv or improvisation acting classes teach you the skill of being spontaneous. The classes train you how to make up the scene, dialog and story “in the moment”.

What Will You Learn?

There are several benefits to taking an improvisation acting class. Some of the skills you can expect to gain are:

  • How audition better and increase your chances of landing the role
  • How to get out of your head and transform into the character
  • How to let go of your self-consciousness
  • How to be present in the moment
  • How to develop a natural dialog flow
  • How to take risks and not be afraid to fail
  • How to listen and react better

Why Do People Take Improv Acting Classes?

Improvisation is a highly valuable skill that makes any actor significantly better, in all aspects of acting; from drama or comedy to commercials to film and theatre. Most, if not all, commercial auditions will often require improvisation.

Why Choose The Playground for Improv Acting Classes?

At The Playground, we pride ourselves on producing well-rounded actors for all aspects of the industry. Improvisation, once mastered, shows that an actor knows how to be present in the moment. With our comprehensively developed curriculum, students will be able to learn this much-valued skill.

Our students graduate from our school with a holistic development in the arts and possess excellent communication skills. Our improvisation acting classes have helped many students to increase their confidence as well as improve their interaction with others.

Our industry-standard and state-of-the facilities are at the fingertips of each student. We also take pride in having highly skilled professionals on staff, all with several years of industry experience. They work extremely hard to make The Playground the ideal place for your child to begin their flourishing career in acting. Contact us for more information.