Most actors spend countless hours studying the craft and marketing themselves. Their hope is that one day, they will become the lead in a show or movie. Lead actors are the stars of the show and carry a film, television show or stage production on the weight of their popularity. Therefore, it is no surprise that having a sustainable career in lead roles requires skills beyond what you might expect.

Responsibilities of a Lead Actor

As the lead actor, you will be expected to:

  • Follow the director’s direction
  • Be on time for all meetings and rehearsals
  • Work well with other actors and departments
  • Do various publicity appearances

You must also “stand for the project”. In other words, you should hold the highest good of the overall project and show up every day to make it happen.

Characteristics of a Lead Actor

As a lead actor, you wear many hats. Your purpose is not only to be the main actor but also a significant team player. These are some of the main characteristics of lead actors:

  • They empower others on the set and work just as hard to make the other cast members as successful as they are.
  • They bring people together in an environment of success and avoid negativity and drama on the set. It is easy in these environments to have uncertainty and conflict.
  • They inspire others and cheer them on.
  • They are flexible and are able to take constructive criticism. When the director suggests how to try a scene from a different viewpoint or in another way, lead actors don’t argue with the director. They lead by example and are positive role models for the rest of the cast.
  • They are confident. They display confidence at all times, even when mistakes are made during auditions and rehearsals.

If you are interested in becoming a lead actor, we will be more than willing to discuss this with you. Contact us at The Playground and let’s support you on this big step.