Since March, we have been forced to stay at home and find ways to amuse ourselves without going to restaurants, zoos, parks, playgrounds, etc. Kids became bored pretty quickly and who can blame them!?

Things are starting to return to normal but with baby steps. With so many amenities still closed down due to COVID-19, you’re running out of ideas on fun, yet beneficial activities for your kids. Fortunately, there are still ways to keep your kids entertained while helping them learn and experience something new.

Take Your Kids to Acting Classes

If your kids are excited about acting and the world of cinema, why not sign them up for acting classes at The Playground? The Playground has been working with young actors for over 25 years, training future TV and movie stars. Your kid could be one of them! The Playground’s curriculum carefully designed by the famous Gary Spatz offers acting classes to kids ages 6 to 12, regardless of their experience levels.

What is especially beneficial about attending classes at The Playground is the fact that kids get to improve important life skills such as listening skills, reading comprehension, and increased confidence-not just their acting skills!

Improve Your Child’s Confidence 

Each student’s confidence will improve and as a result, they won’t stress over public speaking anymore. They will learn to act and be spontaneous in front of the camera and when speaking in front of other people. This will prepare them for future challenges such as presentations, job interviews, and a career in acting.

Young Actors’ Conservatory Acting Classes nurture the creativity of each young student ensuring that they discover their potential and develop personal techniques. We do all that while still abiding by the current safety measures and ensuring your child’s well-being is a priority.

If your child has TV or film role models they admire and has expressed a desire to become an actor, there is no greater gift you can give them than signing them up for acting classes here at The Playground.