Getting your name out there is really important if you want to advance your acting profession. You submit your headshots and resume, attend meetings and auditions, email invitations to your performances, and of course, post on social media.

Even while “getting out there” is simple these days, there are still ways to make your efforts count for more and stand out. Let’s talk about one of them, which you were probably instructed not to use: Location.

You’ve probably read dozens of articles explaining why it’s useless and even dangerous to tag your location in posts. Even while it could be risky to continually broadcast your precise location, skipping up on the social media aspect is ultimately a missed opportunity. In fact, it is advised that you tag a place with nearly all of your posts. And if you’re concerned about security, just don’t press “Publish” when you’re actually there. A few advantages of tagging your location are listed below:

You Are Seen By More People

When you add a location, you are automatically added to a list of others who have already visited that spot. You will be included in the archive of images and videos taken in New York City if you upload a film of yourself doing something amusing on the city’s streets (which is the location with the most tags worldwide). Your chances of getting mentioned in the New York City “story” are then increased by the location tag, which increases the size of your audience. The way things are going, if you constantly submit content, this could develop into a new tool for finding talent.

It Enables You to Join a Larger Discussion

You can connect with a certain venue and all of its followers by tagging it. The social media departments of many businesses troll social media for interactions and “check ins” as smart business practice. Sometimes there is even a financial benefit to doing so! It’s wonderful to get noticed by these more well-known companies who might comment on your post or even repost it! Always make sure to publish high-quality content because you never know who might discover it and end up becoming a fan.

The Display of Your Personality

A director can get a glimpse of how you spend your time and what you enjoy by looking at your page, which they will do if they are genuinely considering you for a role. In a way, your personality serves as your calling card as an actor, and where you go influences that. So mark those places. Contact us for more information.