Arman Darbo is a young and talented actor who has received professional training from the famous television and film acting school, The Playground. Son of actor and producer Igor Darbo, Arman was born in Paris, France and lived on at least three continents in his short life. His family moved to Beijing when he was very young and lived there for at least a decade before they relocated to the United States where they now reside.

Arman is very talented. He speaks at least three languages and began his career at the age of seven modelling, doing television and print commercials. He acted in the Beijing TV series 3 Crazy Girls (2009) and My DV Diary. At the tender age of 11, Arman played the role of a kidnapped American boy Christopher who gets rescued by a Chinese man in the film Kung Fu Hero (2011) produced by Keanu Reeves. Arman also acted in the movie Defenders of Life (2015), portraying the role of Feb, a role in which he received a Silver Medal for the Global Independent Film Award Best Actor U18.

He is well known for his recent stellar performance in the film And Then I Go (2017), where he played the role of a bullied junior high student Edwin who plots with his friend to ignite a school shooting. His love for acting has seen him land many other starring roles in films like Deep Sleep No More (2013) and Itsy Bitsy (2018) among others. Arman turned to The Playground to refine his skills and to help him prepare for future roles as he continues to work diligently on new and ongoing projects.

Helping young talented children along their path to success is The Playground’s mission. Our acting academy is a great place for young actors to learn new skills and experienced actors to refine what they already know. There are many opportunities for young, upcoming and experienced actors in the entertainment industry and The Playground is the perfect place.

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