Auditioning Tips

When you go for an audition there are quite a few things that you have to look out for and prepare in order to make sure you get the role. It goes without saying there are a lot of elements every skilled actor needs when auditioning to impress the casting agents. The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that unlike an open casting call, an casting audition is very different.

A casting audition is conducted when your agent is contacted by a director who wants actors to fill a certain role that requires a specific, race, culture, and appearance. The directors aren’t looking for someone that matches their role, they are looking for someone who can live it. So here are some tips to help you succeed in any audition to get your career on the right track to stardom.

Being on Time Is More Important Than Actually Being There

Look into what and where the time, date, and area where the audition will be held in advance. Visit the area the night or day prior, so you know to what extent it will take you to arrive, where the best parking spots might be, and what sort of neighborhood the audition will be held in.

In the event that you can’t visit the day before, ensure you have the address imputed into your phone so you know how to get there. It is imperative to note that numerous auditions are not held in the most secure areas since makers are attempting to spare cash; so it’s a good idea to bring a companion along with you just incase the area isn’t that nice.

Make a Few Duplicates of Your Head-shot and Resume

Ordinarily, you have to distribute one copy of your head-shot and acting resume to the casting executive, yet it is ideal that you prepare for different kinds of scenarios. Bring additional duplicates in the event that other individuals need a copy or in the event that they lose your head-shot before your audition.

Give Yourself a lot of Time

It’s not a good idea to plan different things around the time of your audition. For instance, don’t make arrangements for the nail salon, beautician, or dental office. Give yourself an opportunity to plan, unwind, and get to your audition on time. You ought to attempt to land to your audition thirty minutes early so you have room, schedule-wise, to look over the material and touch yourself up.

Request a Copy of The Script

By having the full script you can really comprehend your character’s identity and inspiration. In the event that a complete script is not accessible, attempt to get the highlights — a couple pages from the script — that contain your dialog that you’ll present during your audition.

What You Wear Is Very Important So Choose Wisely

Everyone dresses up in clothing that fits the role, so take a stab at dressing in more subtle ways. For instance, anybody can resemble a hooligan with a bandanna and baggy jeans, however very few individuals can resemble a hooligan by wearing fitted pants and a shirt. On the off chance that you can dress up for a part without wearing predictable clothing, you’ll separate yourself from the competition.

Acting and Auditioning Tips