Acting Classes For Shy Kids

Many a child shows up for our acting classes at The Playground in a very shy state of mind. Some have difficulty making eye contact. Others are uncomfortable expressing their thoughts to people they don’t know. These may be symptoms of the “first class jitters,” but for some, social anxiety and nervousness are part of their daily experience.

One of the real gifts, I believe, of an acting curriculum is that it gives the student-actor permission to play. And, inevitably, during the course of that play, the student-actor’s shyness starts to fade away and is eventually replaced by confidence.

All of the acting exercises, improvisations, theatre games, and scenes we do at The Playground serve to encourage students to look each other directly in the eye and express their thoughts through words and behavior. Invariably, these exercises are done with a sense of play and fun, so even the shyest of students can find the confidence to stand on his or her own two feet.

I can think of few qualities more important for young adults to possess than the ability to articulate their thoughts. Communication is a vital skill that will pay positive dividends regardless of a student’s life path.

One of my special joys is watching as a student progresses and gains the poise to look me in the eye and tell me what he thinks. I cannot overstate the fundamental need for young people to be able to express their feelings and beliefs.

In just our beginning six-month session, the exciting development of the students is evident to all the parents as well as our teachers. This is one of the great blessings of teaching the craft of acting to children and just one more lesson that I keep relearning with every new student that comes our way.

Acting School Los Angeles: The Playground