As someone who wants to make a career out of acting, you are aware that you need to apply for as many acting jobs as you can find. However, when you’re new to the industry or new to the city of Los Angeles, it’s hard to know where to start.

Useful advice on finding acting jobs is invaluable so below, we have some crucial tips for aspiring actors who are looking for acting jobs in LA. One of the best ways to start looking for an acting job in LA is to go through a platform such as Backstage. Here, you can browse acting jobs and apply for them.

Do You Need An Acting Agent in Los Angeles For That?

The platform allows you to self-submit an application so you don’t really need an agent but actors with agents do have better chances of landing acting jobs since their agents submit applications for them. Self-submitting is perfect for inexperienced actors who are looking to build their portfolio a little before they start searching for an agent.

However, it is also important to know what kind of roles you would be suitable for so that you don’t waste time applying for roles that aren’t for you.

For this, you need to know your strengths and basically your type. This is not to say that you can’t play diverse roles but it helps to know what you’re good at. For example, you might be perfect for a role of a funny character in a comedy movie but not so good at period drama.

There are other platforms you can use such as Actors Access where most auditions are listed in the Los Angeles area but the platform is paid though so to apply, you would need to spare a bit of money. Contact us now for more information.