You’ve made a decision to pursue your dream and enroll in acting classes. Congratulations! Now, there is only one thing left to decide: private or group classes? Which is better for you?

To help you decide, we’ll provide some useful information on both types of acting classes so that you can choose the option that suits you better.

Group Acting Classes. In group acting classes, you have a chance to work and learn from many other actors. You get to observe their performance and listen to what they say, which is very important for beginner actors. By observing other actors, you’ll learn how to respond to what they say and how they react and you’ll gain valuable skills if you’re just starting out with your acting career.

Private Classes. Private acting classes are one-on-one classes with just an actor and a coach. These classes are ideal for actors who already have a solid base and want to perfect certain skills such as preparing a monologue or work on character study. Private classes are also convenient for actors who can’t take regular classes for some reason.

The choice you make depends on your current needs as well as your experience as an actor. If you’re a beginner, perhaps participating in group classes is a great start. If you already have acting experience and need to work on a particular skill such as character study or want to prepare for a college audition, private acting classes could be the better solution.

Here at The Playground, we offer both group classes and private classes with our experienced acting coaches. Whether you’re a kid, a teen, or an adult who wants to improve your acting skills, you can choose the type of classes that suit your needs. Contact us now.