acting classes for shy kids

How Acting Classes Can Help Shy Kids

Shyness and stage fright has no place among an actor’s skill set. It presents developmental challenges for aspiring actors. How they learn and how much they learn is limited by their lack of confidence in their abilities and willingness to participate and interact with others.

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Why Acting Is Good For Children

Why You Should Enroll Your Kids In Acting Classes

Acting and drama classes provide important training for your child. They help children learn many key elements in life, and the classes are actually fun. While choosing the right class for your child, make sure that all the important aspects are met. Make sure the class you choose will help your child learn without any pressure.

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How To Do Script Analysis

Discover How To Do Script Analysis 

Everything we do in our life has direction that is governed by law. Take for example cooking. When we are cooking, we follow a recipe. When we are building with Lego’s, we follow the directions to make sure that the castle or spaceship we make turns out just right.

In the world of acting, the closest thing to direction actors have is a script. But unlike normal directions, which have only one meaning, a script is interpreted differently by different actors which makes it their job to analyze a script so that they can gain a profound understanding of the character and bring them to life.

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Yoga For Young Actors

Yoga For Kids & Teens

You may be asking yourself why there is an article about yoga on a website for kids’ acting. You may have an idea of yoga as holding a series of arduous poses in a steamy room or people sitting cross legged for stretches of time, while meditating, neither of which may seem particularly child friendly.

To dispel the myth of the first scenario, there are many types of yoga, most of which advocate practicing at a comfortable temperature, and one of these is yoga for children, which is vastly different from yoga for adults. In addition, although children can learn to practice stillness through yoga, silent meditation is not necessarily part of yoga practice for kids.

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The Rules of Improv

Rule #2 of Improv

In a world of number ones, here comes number two. If the number one rule of improv is to always say “yes, and” then what is the second rule? NO QUESTIONS! What? I SAID NO QUESTIONS!!

In improv, asking questions is the kiss of death. A scene full of questions goes nowhere and puts all of the pressure on the other actor to come up with the funny, the gold, the meat and potatoes of the scene. I like to think of improv as a fine sauce that should be boiled down into a rich gravy. How do we do that? By not asking questions.

Questions take time and lead us in a circle. “What do you want to do today?” “I don’t know, how about you?” They can really kill a scene on stage.

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