Needless to say, casting directors look for talent and charisma in auditions. But are there any special features they want to see that stand out that can land you a role? What kind of things do they look for in actors?

Most actors prepare for an audition based on what they think the casting directors are looking for. They adjust their performance to this and do their best to fit a certain role. However, you must remember that there are many other actors at the same audition doing exactly the same thing as you are. This will hardly make you stand out.

Casting Directors

To put it simply, casting directors want to see someone who is memorable compared to dozens of other similar actors with similar performances. Yes, this sounds vague but it’s true. They want to see a genuine performance, not an imitation. In many cases, they recognize something in an actor that sparks an interest and makes them want to see more from the actor.

What this means is that while you should prepare for a role by studying the character and the show, you should not suppress your own intuition and impulses by trying to fit into imaginary criteria you have in your mind.

Add to The Character

Instead, do your best to add a bit of yourself to the character, something that is going to make your performance more real, and make them remember you. This could be a unique feature, the way you laugh or tell jokes, or anything that makes you different.

If you still haven’t figured out what your unique features are, perhaps acting classes can help you. Here at The Playground, we nurture young talent and help them build successful acting careers in the greatest city in the world.

Through working with other actors and with the help of an acting coach, you can discover your acting potential and figure out what makes you stand out. Contact us for more information now.