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Acting and Social Media

We, at the Playground, believe the internet plays a big role within society. And it’s clear this is happening within the acting world as well. You can use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. These platforms are sometimes more powerful than the media industry.

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The Skills and Qualities of Great Actors

In our childhood, we all dreams about becoming someone great. Some dream about being firefighters while others desire to be doctors and lawyers. But for you, you’ve always wanted to be an actor. Whenever you look at movies, you imagine yourself assuming a famous role, and now after careful consideration, you’re ready. You’re prepared to take that plunge into the place of artistry. If that’s you, there are a few things you’ll need to consider.

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How Acting Classes Can Help Shy Kids

Shyness and stage fright has no place among an actor’s skill set. It presents developmental challenges for aspiring actors. How they learn and how much they learn is limited by their lack of confidence in their abilities and willingness to participate and interact with others.

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What Are Improv Acting Classes?

Improv or improvisation acting classes teach you the skill of being spontaneous. The classes train you how to make up the scene, dialog and story “in the moment”.

What Will You Learn?

There are several benefits to taking an improvisation acting class. Some of the skills you can expect to gain are:

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What’s The Fastest Way To Become a Great Actor?

Become a Great Actor

The acting industry is a ferocious and merciless one. You have to be good enough or be swept off the minute you even look like you’re slacking. So, the question arises – how does one get good at acting? This article covers exactly that! Read on to know more.

Prepare for the role

Ensure you get your script on time. Read the script end to end a few times. Don’t stick to knowing just your character but instead try to understand the whole movie or play and the sequence. If you’re not aware of the entire story, your performance may not match your role. Understand your character’s role in the sequence and read the script.

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