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The Role Of A Producer

Movie Producers 

Film-making is an creative collaboration that sees art take form on a screen for the enjoyment of others. However, besides the creative, there are a variety of business related aspects of filmmaking that also need attention. That is where a movie Producer comes in as the business person that takes care of all the commercial and industrial elements of film-making.

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5 Tips To Master Improv Acting

Are You Interested In Improv Acting?

Improv acting is widely recognized as one of the best and most fun kind of acting. In spite of the fact that it may not look hard, it is surprisingly one of the most difficult types of acting! It requires continually being full alert since you never realize what will happen next in your scene.

A significant number of the on-screen characters that have performed on well-known shows like Saturday Night Live have studied the art for a long time. To help you master improve acting, here are the top improv acting tips that’ll help you improve your abilities.

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How To Do Script Analysis

Discover How To Do Script Analysis 

Everything we do in our life has direction that is governed by law. Take for example cooking. When we are cooking, we follow a recipe. When we are building with Lego’s, we follow the directions to make sure that the castle or spaceship we make turns out just right.

In the world of acting, the closest thing to direction actors have is a script. But unlike normal directions, which have only one meaning, a script is interpreted differently by different actors which makes it their job to analyze a script so that they can gain a profound understanding of the character and bring them to life.

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5 Great Tips For Auditioning

Auditioning Tips

When you go for an audition there are quite a few things that you have to look out for and prepare in order to make sure you get the role. It goes without saying there are a lot of elements every skilled actor needs when auditioning to impress the casting agents. The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that unlike an open casting call, an casting audition is very different.

A casting audition is conducted when your agent is contacted by a director who wants actors to fill a certain role that requires a specific, race, culture, and appearance. The directors aren’t looking for someone that matches their role, they are looking for someone who can live it. So here are some tips to help you succeed in any audition to get your career on the right track to stardom.

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Acting Is Empathy

Is Empathy The Key?

Reese Witherspoon once said, “Acting is empathy.” And truly, she’s right. Without the ability to feel what your characters are feeling, you can’t possibly bring them to life. The Merriam-Webster definition of empathy is:
“the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another…”

Having taught acting to young people as a Senior Teacher at The Playground for the past 9 years, and having studied acting for most of my life, I know there are many ways for expressing the need for having empathy in the acting world. Some teachers encourage students to truly “connect” with their character. They talk about really “getting inside” the character’s head—about “becoming” them.

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