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How To Start Your Acting Career

Start Your Acting Career

Before thinking of where to start your acting career, go in front of a mirror and ask yourself an important question; “Is acting just a hobby or do I want to do it as a career?” If the answer to this question is “a career” or if you’re not sure about it, we suggest that you take acting classes.

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How to Become a Great Actor

Acting Tips For Beginners

Have you ever watched a movie and an actor comes on the screen and you think, “wow, he’s really a great actor!” Have you even seen a person performing in the theater who just steals the show?

Well, let me tell you that you can also become one of those actors. An ordinary actor is someone who just imitates the character and emotions. But a great actor is someone who puts a new life into the scripted character. With his or her spectacular performance, he or she has the ability to leave a mark on the minds of people.

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How Acting Classes Help Kids

Acting Classes Are Great For Kids

Are you considering sending your kid to an acting school, but still confused whether you should do it or not? If you want to know whether acting classes can be beneficial for your kid or not, then the answer is yes. Acting classes are extremely beneficial for kids.

It doesn’t matter whether they want to be an actor in the future or not. Your decision to send your kid to an acting school is still an excellent choice. There are many ways which acting classes can help your kids. In this blog post, I have highlighted some of the ways which acting classes help kids. Continue reading:

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Theatre Acting vs Screen Acting

Difference Between Screen Acting & Theatre Acting 

Hello, future stars! So, today I am going to discuss the major differences between the theater acting and acting for the TV screen.

Theater actors use a lot of “big and exaggerating” movements, but the screen actors act more naturally. The major difference in theater acting is you perform live in front of an audience and you get only one chance to perform. If you mess up anything or if you forget any dialogue, you have to act normal and move on.

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Best Drama Schools in America

Best Drama Schools/Programs 

The first question that arises in the mind of every struggling actor is “What is the best acting school?” Whether you can afford it or not, or whether you’re able to get enrolled or not; reading about the best schools and dreaming is part of the journey. Let me share some of the best and worldwide known acting schools in America.

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