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How Drama Classes Typically Function

Drama Classes

Every acting class functions differently. What remains same is that every class imparts knowledge and makes sure the students have fun while learning. Some classes are arranged formally for theoretical learning with a separate spacing for acting performances. Other acting classes have informal table and chairs scattered around the room to encourage active discussions.

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Qualities Of Good Actors

Are You A Good Actor? 

Some kids are great actors and performers by birth, and some kids learn to be actors by going to acting schools. We’re going to take a look at some qualities that make great actors and actresses.


An actor has to be delightful, appealing, and enchanting to the viewers. This is because they portray the parts of real-life men and/or women. They send out positive vibes that are dramatic and emotional which help the actor perform their role perfectly.

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Signs Of A Bad Actor

How To Spot A Bad Actor

Some actors receive praise while others receive negative comments and are branded “bad actors.” Read this short article to learn more about the traits of good actors and bad actors.


Actors that passionately express themselves in front of their audience are considered good actors. Bad actors are usually worried about looking “ugly” in front of their audience, so they hold back their emotions which makes for a poor performance.

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What Will You Learn If You Study Acting?

Study Acting at The Playground Los Angeles

Anybody who is planning to attend acting classes will have this query in mind. What will one learn by attending acting classes or by studying acting? In this article, we will discuss the skills and other elements which will be developed in a person during their course of study.

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Good Acting Techniques

Learn These Acting Techniques 

Acting classes often use popular methods to teach acting techniques. We will discuss a few of the most famous ones here.

Michael Chekhov

Chekhov is recognized to have created the “psycho-physical” technique which gives emphasis on the connection of mind and body, all with the physical actions to showcase a sensual character.

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